Laura’s First Book! “Wildlife in Wild Lands” in cooperation with Fundación Parques Nacionales de Argentina

Oct 2015

By: Laura Crawford Williams

Fundación Parques Nacionales, whose headquarters are located in the city of Buenos Aires, will be publishing a fine art book of my conservation photography from southern South America! The project will begin in 2016 with a targeted launch date in 2017.

Wildlife in Wild Lands: Book Cover Image

The book will contain a collection of the very best wildlife images taken during 8 years of travel within the Southern Cone. Douglas Rainsford Tompkins has accepted the invitation to write the foreword and I could not be happier! I send a heartfelt thank you to Doug Tompkins as well as Claudio Hirsch, Daniel Hirsch, and Dylan Williams of the National Parks Foundation. I must also send sincere gratitude to Eugenio Breard and Emiliano Ezcurra, president and vice-president respectively of the National Parks Administration of Argentina. The brilliant partnership they formed with the National Park Foundation uniquely reinforces the successful protection and management of Argentina’s National Parks.